10 years old

10 years old
Growing too fast
A pair of new shoes
They won’t last
Dolls and house
You don’t play anymore
10 years of life
With so much more in store

10 years down
Or maybe it was up
Like your beautiful dog
No longer a pup
You’ve grown into
A beautiful young girl
But there’s much more to life
Let’s give it a whirl

What might God
Have in His plans
Maybe an athlete
With fans in the stands
Maybe a writer
Many stories to tell
Maybe a mom
Raise kids for a spell
What might you be
Only time will tell

I know for sure
You’ll succeed from the start
I know our little girl
Has an extremely huge heart
One that loves
And cares for her friends
One that’s committed
Stands by till the end
One that is gentle
Yet very strong
You are only 10
But you’ll be grown before long
We cherish these moments
Pigtails in your hair
But it will be real soon
At your beauty
Men will stare

We want to keep you
Who you are right now
Want a jar of magic
To freeze time somehow
But that would be selfish
To keep you to our self
Lock you in your room
Keep you on a shelf
A flower needs so much
For it to grow
It starts out as a seed
It’s Creator must let go
It has been a blessing
To say that you are ours
But the future is ahead
Shoot for the stars
Our little girl we love you
A woman soon to be
Thankful for who you are
And who you soon will be

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