Enjoying life

I know the whole world is going through a crisis right now and all we can do is stay safe and be positive.

Im a big believer is positivity and right now im enjoying life, i love having Asif at home with me, cooking together, going for long walks, eating in the garden,laughing together, watching movies and just enjoying life.

Im still working full time and im loving my job. Right now life is good. Im still in college and were finishing our classes online its a lot harder but im enjoying it.

I’ve completed my diploma in spray tanning and bikini colouring, im loving the whole beauty world and cant wait to do it for a living my future is looking bright.

The only thing im really missing right now is my family, friends, thankfully due to zoom and whatsapp i get to see/speak to them everyday im missing my shop “the curiosity shop AKA victoria H” and my jewellery business i own with my besties ” vintage girl jewellery” i know i will get it all back in my life soon and it will be worth the wait.

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