Just imagine when all this is over, imagine the day when Leo comes on TV and says ‘lockdown is over, its lifted, as a nation we’ve done it.’

Imagine the irish public running outside their houses, hugging each other. Imagine ringing your mothers grandmothers or other family members & saying ‘Pop kettle on, I’m on my way.’

Imagine been able to see your family face to face rather than through a window or a face time call.

Imagine going into the pub & grabbing a pint… Sitting in the beer garden taking in the rays (or the rain, cause sods law it’ll rain)

Imagine walking into Tesco & been able to buy toilet roll, pasta & all other life’s essentials that we always took for granted.

Imagine driving down the road & being able to pull in at Maccy D’s for your Big Mac fix.

Imagine going to the cinema & out for food on date night.

Imagine all the street parties, the first day of doing what you want.

Cause it might be shit now, but if there’s anything that will get us all through… It’ll be how we will all feel when it’s all over ❤️

And i cannot wait for this day!, its only been a couple of weeks and i miss my family & friends

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