Failure is part of success

Failure is extremely hard to handle, when i was in primary & secondary school i struggled to pass my exams. It was a horrible feeling when the teacher would call out your grade in front of everyone in the glass if im honest it was humiliating and i always felt stupid. When i left school i excelled in college a straight A student and i loved every second of it. It was a life long dream of mine to open up a fashion store. I put all my savings into it 10s of thousands and i opened up a London fashion store. It was 1 of the proudest days of my life. I worked so hard and sourced some of the hottest clothing but unfortunately i was ahead of the times, then an italian clothing store opened up across the road from me and a Parisian store at the back of me. Because of all of that my business failed. Victoria H fashion was no more, within a week i opened a vintage store called the curiosity shop and its gone from strength to strength. At the time it was heart breaking but now i thank god every day. The curiosity shop has opened so many doors for me and i absolutely love it. I have learnt so much from my failures and they have made me the person i am today.

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  1. This is so true, I think that if we didn’t ever fail, we wouldn’t learn or grow as a person. There is actually a quote on my spamish teacher’s wall that says “you haven’t failed until you stop trying” which presents a really good idea:)

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    1. Wow i love that quote and its so true

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