No body loves you like your mother

Im 37 and in my mothers eyes im her baby.i had to go to dublin yesterday for training, so asif dropped me to her house at 4.45am. God bless her she had cooked a breast of chicken for me so i could have chicken samdwiches for my journey. She drove me to the bus stop when the bus came i said good bye and she said she was waiting to make sure i got on the bus ok. Then she messaged me all day to see how i was doing dad then rang me 3 times. As you might of gathered im very close to my parents. But it hit me yesterday when they go who will love me like they do. Im extremely close to my 2 brothers although they text me yesterday to see how i was doing its not the same. Obviously asif got up extra early yesterday to drive me to moms and he wouldnt go until he seen me go into the house. I know i am so lucky to have such an amaxing family around me. I have 1 sister and were really close too and i have a nephew who i idolise.

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