New chapter new job

After spending nearly 4 years travelling all around the country to begin with it was amazing but like everything the novelty wore off. When i was on the road i missed Asif terribly, i just wanted to be home. Then when i get home im too tired to do anything.

Last week on facebook i seen a job advertised the hours were perfect for me so i applied for it and had my interview the very next day and i got the job. I started my training and ive done two days already. The people are amazing so friendly and the job is easy. The environment is so stress free and relaxed.

On my first day i was a bag of nerves its always hard meeting new people and being out of your comfort zone.

Im so glad i took a leap of faith and took this job opportunity i left a toxic work environment and walked into heaven . Im now sleeping better, a lot more relaxed and my future is looking bright. So if ur feeling like ur stuck in a toxic environment then impower yourself, do something make the change. Its your life so make it a good one

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