Hopi ear candeling

I cant believe i only have 7 weeks left in college the time is going way too fast. I had midterm this week so im enjoying the time off no college after work no assignments or homework its bliss i have been practicing my facials on Asif by the time i qualify he will have the perfect complexion.

I started a hopi ear candle course, i know its a bit out of fashion but its something i always wanted to learn unfortunately we dont get a kit but ive ordered everything i need i hope they will come next week.

I cant wait to practice at home with asif as my model.


The Hopi were a Native American tribe whose name translates to “peaceful people”. This ear candle technique (also known as thermo auricular therapy) uses moulded hollow tubes. Traditionally these were made from linen and used honey and powdered herbs including sage and camomile.

However while this technique is often referred to as a Hopi candle similar techniques were also performed in Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. It is interesting how a lot of these older techniques are becoming more recognised and helping to benefit people.

What is it?

Specially made ‘Hopi’ candles are placed in the ear and then set alight. The heat of the candle creates a vacuum-effect which lifts ear wax and other debris into the cone of the candle. In short, your ear is on fire.

What does it do?

The treatment was devised to rebalance pressure between the ear, nose and throat and its devotees claim the treatment can alleviate conditions including tinnitus, sore throats, hay-fever, rhinitis and asthma.Practitioners of ‘new age’ treatments have deemed it the perfect medicinal ceremony for clearing negative energies from the head and using the treatment as an ‘aura restorer’


Benefits of the procedure include-

• Ease the symptoms of ear and sinus problems
• Reduce irritation in the nose (ideal for colds)
• A method of reducing stress (often the case when it comes to improving the circulation in the body)
• Reduce pain and ringing in the ears (can ease conditions such as tinnitus)
• Reduce the build-up of earwax in the ears
• Pressure regulation using this method can help reduce headaches and migraines
• Increase blood circulation in the ear

Things to be aware of

This treatment is suitable for a lot of people- however it may not be suitable for people with perforated eardrums, people with inserted grommets and if anyone has any allergies to the ingredients use in the ear candle.

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