Valentines day

I was working away yesterday and Asif was working late so we didnt really get to see eachother for Valentine’s day. Due to the hours asif was working i told him not to get me anything for valintines day. He had been working from 4am to 7pm all week and as usual my week was hectic.

I had bought Asif new headphones because his broke and his favourite chocolates. I was home about 7pm when i walked in the back door be had left me gifts on the table he bought me jewellery, beautiful flowers, my favourite crisps and a card oh if u could of seen my face i just smiled from ear to ear i was so surprised cause when i told him not to get me anything i really meant it. i made him his favourite dinner chicken pasta he didnt get home until 10pm so i waited for him and we had a candle lit dinner together. We were both off today so we are having dinner together at home and watching a movie. We have a storm here storm dennis its not so bad but i have to keep the cats in to keep them warm and safe.

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  1. Lucy nagle says:

    Your a lucky girl


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