I need to slow down

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I work very hard they will tell you that I’m ambitious not afraid to take risks. I work two jobs one job is as an auditor I travel all Around Ireland doing stock takes my second job is running my own business the Curiosity shop needless to say I love this job I also attend college by night studying to be a beautician and I have 2 little mini company called swagger lights and vintage girl jewellery. With all of that it brings a lot of stress into my life regardless of how much I love my jobs it doesn’t stop me getting tired and completely drained.
Over the last few days I’ve read articles can people who are dying of cancer and believe it was their lifestyle that brought on to cancer I also happened to watch an episode of opera winfrey on this episode she was interviewing a mother who accidentally left her child in the car while she went to work 9 hours later she discovered her baby dead in the car when she lifted child out of the car seat the babies skin came off due to heat. I know you would say what  of a person could do that the answer is you or me. This woman had a career she was a mother to children a wife and was absolutely exhausted.
Have you ever driven home from work and when you arrive home you don’t remember the journey or how you got there this happens because your mind goes on autopilot and it’s gets you home safe. Psychologists say anybody can leave your child in a car for 9 hours by accident especially if it is not your usual routine. This lady husband usually brought the children to the childminders or School so this day she was not doing per usual routine.
After reading the articles about cancer and watching this woman’s interview it made me think I spend my life running around trying to achieve everything I’m only one person I’m only human I need to slow down.
I’m going to have to find a happy medium between college, my mini companies, the Curiosity shop and my job as an auditor I’m going to have find me time. Yesterday morning I Began my day at 6 a.m and I didn’t sit down until 9 p.m at that stage I still had emails to answer and studying to do so starting today whatever work I don’t finish before I go home will have to wait until tomorrow I’m also going to start meditating and just having time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee

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