Katie price aka jordon

She is hated by half the world and loved by the other half, she is one of the most talked about celebrities she is brazen, trashy and sassy, she has jad more plastic surgerys than ive had hot dinners but i love her, admire her and at the same time feel sorry for her. Miss Katie price AKA Jordon i think she is an amazing business women, she knows how to sell herself. She is famous for modelling, clothing line, perfume and her range of books unfortunately she is infamous for her failed marriages, messy relationships and partying too hard.

Recently she is out of control and i feel sorry for her she is like a little girl lost. I think the break up of her marriage to Peter Andre is what really broke her i believe she never really got over it.

That was when her life spiralled out of control. She has a family and i think they should do an intervention its obvious that she is suffering from depression by the state of her house.

Her exhusbands are amazing fathers helping her with the kids and they seem to have there childrens best interest at heart. I just wish someone would love her enough to step in and put her best interests at heart then maybe her house would of never went as bad as it is, she wouldnt of got herself into bankruptcy and she would of got counselling to help her come to terms with her marriage break ups

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