Im finally home

After spending the week away working im so happy to be finally home. I always miss home when im away, i miss Asif terribly it breaks my heart not going home to him everyday.

I got home at 8am this morning i was so excited to see asif but as soon as i seen him i was hit with guilt. My poor husband was sick really sick and i didnt know. I felt horribly imagine not knowing your husband was sick i feel like the worst wife ever.

I made him homemade soup to warm him up a bit, then made sure he took medicine then u put him to bed with a hot water bottle. Thankfully it didnt take him long to sleep.

Im hoping that he will sleep most of the day and when he gets up i’ ll make him something tasty to eat.

The worst part about being ambitious and hard working is that you dont always get to be the perfect wife and us women like to be a super hero and do everything.

I feeling awful today suppose that’s what a guilty conscience does to you.

When i got home i dusted and cleaned the whole house, washed our clothes, fed our fur baby and played with her. Its double guilt because asif had been so sick he didnt give Azarhia our fur baby much time so im trying to make it up to her. On top of that ive exams on monday so need to study big time. Hope you all are having a great day

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