Nazi concentration camp


Alice Ward (1887-1982), who spent time in Bergen-Belsen during World War 2 was born in Limerick, educated for a time in Britain and moved to Paris in 1905 aged 18.

She trained as a governess and was employed down the years by many families including the Romanian Royal Family, the d’Estaing family (as in the president), and the de Lesseps (as in the family of builder of the Suez Canal).

During World War 1 she was a translator in French military hospitals. During World War 2 she was employed by a Jewish family and she was swept up with that family and carried off to Bergen-Belsen.

Her British passport eventually saved her. It must be remembered that she moved to France as a British citizen. She was already 35 when Ireland became independent!

After Bergen-Belsen, she was moved to a prison camp outside Dusseldorf from which she was repatriated back to France after the war by the Red Cross.

She then worked for a few years for Sir Pomeroy Burton, the main shareholder back in the day with the Daily Mail. He had a villa in the south of France.

While working for him she met the likes of Somerset Maugham and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
After that, she set up a small school in Rue Rude, Paris, and prepared pupils for the civil service exams. She worked until she was 90 and then retired to Ireland passing away at age 95.

This image was taken in 1963 when she was 76 and on a trip back to Limerick.

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