I have been lazy since Christmas ive fallen behind on my studying, college assignmemts, house work and just everything in general. Today i am feeling a lot better i think the norovirus has left my system.

So i completed 5 assignments 3 for massage therapy and 2 for my beauty therapy. I done an hour of studying which still leaves me so far behind.

My biggest problem is staying focused i have so much to do and since i was working crazy hours for the month of December ive fallen totally disorganised i had planned on getting organised over the christmas holidays but it didnt happen because i was too tired. So this sunday is operation “get organised” im back to work tomorrow so im planning to bring my note books with me to catch up on study.

Im starting a new course in a couple of weeks and im dreading it as im over whelmed as it is and im not sure how i am going to juggle it all.

Work is crazy my schedule is 3 days a weeks thats approx 39 hours in 3 days then i have the shop too which is 40 hours thats 79 hours a week work not including college, study, assignments, spending time with Asif, house work so with this other course starting on the 20th im feeling over whelmed at the thought of trying to manage everything

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