Counting my lucky stars

Since qualifying in my aromatherapy ive started researching about perfume and face cream containers if im honest its something ive been doing for quite some time now and ive found the perfect perfume bottles for me and my future perfumery business. I found these beautiful skull bottles and decided its the look i want

I think they are beautiful and have a touch of class to them. Im still searching for my face cream jars i know what i want i just haven’t found them yet. Im so excited for my bottles to arrive and labels for my aromatherapy oils.

To make today even better i went for lunch with my brothet Joseph it was simply delicious and i enjoyed every bite.

On my way back to work i seen this gorgeous 3/4 length denim jacket with embroidery on it i instantly fell in love and treated myself to it.

Then i met my bestie ann for a cup of tea in my shop and we caught up on all the gossip, she brought me in a book called colour me beautiful.

Asif picked me up after work and we went to the cresent shopping centre he bought himself a few new things in the sports shop i didnt see anything i liked we did the weekly shopping and went home for a delicious dinner.

Im in bed now so happy with everything and counting my lucky stars. Im off tomorrow and working 6 days next week. So i plan on sleeping in late tomorrow

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  1. fashoonia says:

    Nice post. Will you follow my blog please?

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    1. Thanks im following you now xxx


  2. Mel obrien says:

    Love the perfume bottles

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