What a week

Ive been so busy since the newyear came i have been working since 5am this morning and only had a 10 min break the joys of working on the road. Its been over 12 hours and were exhausted. Im just fit for bed. Yesterday was our 1st day back at work for 2020 and we were so busy i just love it knowing that im doing something right.

On new years day i was busy doing my new project ” light up wine bottles” im totes in love with them i have clear ones and frosted ones and i cant wait to do more.

And to make yesterday even better a customer asked me to mind her new rabbit while she went to the doctors he was the cutest rabbit ever she named him Peter

For over an hour i got to play with Peter he was so friendly and tame.

With all thats been going on the last few days its been a great start to the new year.

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