Invisible illness

IBS is something I’ve had since I was 16 most of the time i have it under control. Yesterday was really bad for me I was in chronic pain I could barely walk and I had diarrhoea most of the day. It was my brothers 30th birthday so I had to go Asif wanted me to stay at home but I felt I should go.

It was really hard for me to go I was bloated in agony and just wanted to curl up into a ball.

I managed to go and everyone said I looked great IBS is an invisible illness you look good but feel horrible.

Their is no known cure for IBS and I have a severe case of it but I never let it stop me. Doctors recommend a change in diet, lifestyle and ensure you get enough sleep.

My diet is something I find easy to watch, but the other two are much harder. Running your own business is stressful which can trigger IBS, college and exams can trigger IBS due to the stress it brings. Because of the Christmas season I only had 1 day off in 30 days, during those days I also had college and worked my other job. Taking that into consideration along with all the food I had eaten over the Christmas triggered an IBS attack which happened to come yesterday.

Since Christmas I haven’t had a minutes rest which obviously didn’t help so today I’m staying in bed I have slight pain but nothing compared to yesterday.

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