An irish Christmas

You just cant beat an irish Christmas it involves a lot of laughter, tears, panic and a whole lot of love. Here are some things that happens in every irish home

1. Waking up at crazy o clock

I’m 37 and I got up at 6am, but families with kids can be seen to wake up at 3am to see if Santa came. Everyone runs down stairs to see the surprises santa left them

2. Breakfast consists of selection boxes and tayto crisps it’s the only day of the year you are allowed eat sweets for breakfast

3.the panic to make it to mass

Your mom is shouting up the stairs for you all yo hurry on dad is sitting impatiently in the car waiting for everyone cause we have to get a good seat in church. We all wear our new clothes and sit at the front row in church

4.the family board games

We all play games together monopoly, game of life, card games. We play the santa game in our house. It’s fun and includes us all is in the kitchen cooking up a storm turkey ham and all the trimmings. My mom goes above and beyond and the dinner is delicious.

6. Post dinner exhaustion

After stuffing ourselves we normally nap on the couch for a bit to recharge our batteries. While the kids play with their toys

7. Christmas drinks

After tea which consists of turkey sandwiches we have a few drinks and enjoy each other’s company

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