Christmas bliss

Christmas was simply amazing. I woke asif up at 6am i couldnt wait to give him the presents i got him. So made him a cup of tea, turned on all the christmas tree lights and asif came down. I gave him his presents 1 by 1 . I bought him a waistcoat, a hamper of hair products cause any1 that knows him knows he loves his hair, i bought him a car hoover, selection box and a picture of his family put onto glass that comes with a stand, a card with some money in it so he can treat himself. Now asif outdone himself this year with my presents he bought me a designer bag that fits a folder in it, laptop has place for business cards, pens, phone just about everything (my dream bag), he got me perfume, a penneys gift voucher, wokking voucher, and money i was spoilt rotten. I then went to my nephew to see what santa bought him and i played some games with him.

At 12 we went to mom and dads house. It was simply amazing we had a beautiful dinner followed by board games and exchanged gifts. Asif went to the mosque and we had wine and chatted away until late in the evening. It was a fantastic relaxed christmas and i loved everysecond of it.

On st. Stephens day myself and my sister inlaw went to mom and dads for lunch it was simply delicious. We then chatted for hours. It was the perfect day today im minding my nephew as my sister is back to work.

Tomorrow is my youngest brothers 30th birthday so we have more celebrations ahead.

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