New year new adventures

As if im not busy enough i applied to do an exercise and fitness course and i recieved my letter of acceptance im so happy i feel as though santa came early. I havent told asif yet for the simple reason that i dont want to upset him. As u know i already run my own business, while working part time as an auditor i also attend 2 separate colleges whislt trying to set up a second business so im busy.

The truth is im loving the aromatherapy and the beauty i felt that fitness and exercise would fit in nicely with it all. I really want to take the beauty industry by storm so i want to get as many qualifications as i can to help me ive big dreams and ambitions. Im doing everything i can to turn them all into reality. So after christmas im taking a few days off to finalise my vintage girl online business, then once that is up and running i plan to focus on my studies and jobs once qualified ive massive plans.

Im so excited for 20 20 i really feel this will be my year. I have my trinity college graduation in january, im also starting my new course in january. Ive nearly saved up enough money for my cart display unit and ill be launching vintage girl thats a whole lot of excitement in the first couple of months

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