When opportunity arises grab it with both hands

Ive always been the type of person that dreams big i want to achieve so much sometimes i think im too ambitious.

I want to be everything, i want to experience everything i want to try everything . Right now im attending 3 different colleges GMIT for my aromatherapy, the senior college for my beauty and the red tech for cosmotology, i also work hard running my own business and working part time as an auditor and setting up an online store. Its not easy trying to fit everything in but its so worth it. I tell everyone if your willing to work hard then everything is possible.

Most of you know i want to bring out my own skin care range which is why i went back to uni to do a level 9 so i could learn all about branding i cant wait for my graduation in January 1st class honors 😊. Because i work hard to turn my dreams into a reality it annoys me when i see people complain about how impossible it is to achieve their goals, or how they shouldnt have to sacrifice to get what they want. Im about to embark on a journey next year that will be the hardest journey i have done so far, i havent blogged about it yet because i dont want to jinx anything yet but im excited even just thinking about it. 2020 is going to be my year.

So if your like me with dreams dont let anything stand in your way, sometimes we only have 1 shot when an opportunity arises to achieve your dreams.

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