Its been a crazy week

Its been a crazy week full of stress, adventures and fun. Thursday morning at 8am when i was opening up the shop i could smell smoke and something burning but i carried on opening the shop. Around 10 Joe was in from the shop beside me we were both outside chatting over a cup of tea we were talking about the smell of burning and the smoke on the street. We carried on with our morning. Mom came in around 12 and she said there is a lot of smoke outside and i said i know something is burning.

We were busy in the shop but around 3pm.i could smell the burning inside the shop so i went out to investigate and i walked 2 doors down and seen the building was on fire. Its a derelict building but i know a few homeless people that live in there my heart started racing i was so worried someone was hurt inside so i rang the emergency services and reported people might be inside. They sent up four firebrigades and two ambulances.

We were told our shops were able to stay open. The fire men went inside the building to check and thank god no one was inside it took them 90 minutes to put the fire out

When the emergency services left it hit me the homeless guys sleeping bags would be all went so myself and ann ran around buying blankets and plastic bags. The plastic bags were to put on the ground to stop the wet from the ground going onto the sleeping bags. Other shop owners were giving out that both ann and i knew that homeless people were living in the building. In my opinion where else are they meant to go? At least the building is safer than a doorway, ann and myself go in and leave hats, gloves, socks and food. Im lucky ive never been homeless i couldnt imagine what its like especally when its so cold outside. Since the fire is been investigated im worried the guys will be moved along since they light fires at night to help them keep warm, they leave the building around 7am before all the business owners come in so i imagine maybe the fire wasnt out before they left and it got out of hand.

Last night i went out for christmas drinks it was fabulous to unwind after a hectic week we had drinks, dinner and amazing company all the decorations were beautiful to look at

Tonight i came home asif had the garden decorated for christmas it was so amazing to come home too we both sat down and had a lovely candle lit dinner.

Im in bed now i know its early but its been such a long week tomorrow will be my last day off until christmas day so im going to relax and just enjoy the day.

On my lunch break today i finished my christmas shopping and bought myself 5 new dresses and a couple of tops and earrings oh and 5 new lipsticks so all in all its been a great week

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