Be your own hero

I personally believe that we should be our own hero. My hero is me in 5 years time, and in 5 years time my hero will be me in 6 years time.

Im a believer that doing the right thing isnt always easy but its something we have to do.

Today i was standing outside my shop when i noticed a guy stumbling in and out of traffic. I watched him make his way to a parked Mercedes-Benz ge tried the door handles to see if it was open. Thank god they werent so i thought he would just stumble along his way but he didnt. He fiddled with the window a bit and it opened he put his hand in and unlocked the door.

I couldnt believe my eyes. I rang the guards straight away and carried on watching him riffle through the car, when he got back out he had car keys in his hand. This is when i began to panic thinking if those are the keys to the car he will kill someone if he drives it.

Thankfully the guards arrived just in time in an unmarked car. They managed to arrest him i waited for the owner of the car to come back to tell her what happened.

As u can imagine it was a bit of an exciting day with that all going on. I think crime rates always go up around this time of year the shop a few doors down had its windows smashed on saturday night the building next to him had there door kicked in on sunday night. Thank god i have taken extra security precautions for my shop its nearly impossible to break in to which is a fear i have if i ever loose my keys

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