Its Christmas time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Christmas time I love everything about christmas, the lights,the trees,the food,the cards, spending time with family I also have to work 7 days a week ar Christmas as it is our busiest time in the shop. I love all the kids coming in to pick the toys they want of Santa,I love shopping for my family and friends I go to the parades, the parties,the events. I’m worse than a child waiting for Santa to arrive. The official count down is in.

My favourite thing about christmas is family time, playing board games, laughing and joking, eating amazing food with the ones I love. I know christmas isn’t always a happy time for everyone. But it’s an important time,its the time of year when we notice the homeless on the streets, it’s when kids ring there parents that they have contacted all year,its when we take time to see our neighnours and reach out to friends old and new. Christmas brings out the best in most people, christmas makes it a time where we help the less fortunate and that’s another reason why I love christmas

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