Jury duty

Jury duty is one of those things that you always wanted to do or you dread the thought of it. For me personally i always wanted to do it and last week i was called for jury duty.

I went to the court house to be met by at least another 100 people who were called. We were all put in a court room where the judge was present names are pulled out of a black box if your name is called you go to the jury box when everyone is picked the judge tells you that when your name is called you stand and get sworn in, when your name is called the prosecutor or deffence team can ask the judge to stand you down.

When the jury is picked all 12 and they have all been sworn in the judge asks you to retire to the jury room to pick a foreperson formaly known as the foreman .

I was voted in as fore person and we went home for the rest of the day.

The following day the trial started i was fascinated with how the trial was conducted, i enjoyed watching the witnesses being questioned and cross examined

When the trial was over the jury had to retire to the jury room to come up with a verdict all jurors must agree in either guilty or not guilty. As the foreperson it was my job to get everyone to vote an i would count the votes any questions people had or any evidence people wanted to see again i would inform a court guard who would then tell the judge.

It was an amzaing experience and i truly enjoyed every bit of it. I have always been fascinated with law and tv programmes like law and order.

Since getting to experience this its made me think i should go to college to study law. Ive looked into it and its extremely expensive and you neef to study 60 hours a week so its hard core but i think it will be worth it so in the coming months i will try to work out some sort of plan to make it work for me.

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  1. Lucy nagle says:

    I always wanted to do jury duty

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    1. I would highly recommend it


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