Dyspraxia wont hold me back

Im finding the beauty course extremely hard im not artistic and my co ordinarion is atrocious. My teacher was really angry and you could it was obvious especially when she started shouting at me. I have practiced and practiced but i have dyspraxia thats a problem with your co-ordination so it takes me longer to get the grasp of things and she doesn’t really understand. Im not the type of person to let something hold me back but i am aware it takes me a lot longer to get the hang of something. I wasnt diagnosed with dyspraxia until later in life which means im unable to use a knife and fork together i mainly use a spoon,i have difficulty with speaking i forget parts of words and sometimes things get jumbled up when i talk. When i was a child i thought i was stupid but since being diagnosed i feel happier and it doesnt bother me. I am who i am. I am proud of all ive accomplished and for all the future plans i have.When it comes to the theory im doing great ive studied hard we have a written exam tomorrow night and im ready for it.

On the bright side i passed my beauty party planner course and recieved my certificate the other day.

Last week i was on jury dity in the district court so I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow

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  1. Collin Divine says:

    Love your determination and get up and go attitude

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Collin I wasn’t always like that


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