Day off

Im off today so i had an extra lie in i didnt get up until 10am then i cleaned the kitchen and sitting room, that extra clean where u polish the glasses and doors hoover the nooks and crannies. Then i cooked dinner for us spicy chicken pasta and watched an episode or 2 of law and order special victims unit. Since im so busy i have to stay on top of the cleaning. When i decided to go back to college i promised Asif i wouldnt let it interfere with our life so i try had to have dinners cooked even when im not there. The saying is true a way to a mans heart is through his stomach. So i always ensure we have delicious candle lit dinners, a clean and tidy home and that we spend quality time together every saturday night.

As for my fur baby she is well looked after she gets cat food both dry and satches along with tuna, sardines and salmon she is spoilt and in this cold weather she also gets home made chicken soup.

This afternoon i will put in a couple of hours of study so far i know the bones on the face and i have to learn the layers of the skin. Last night i done my homework which is hard because it involves drawing the face and bones and the layers of the skin and god knows i dont have an artistic bone in my body.

Then i will go grocery shopping to get all the food for the week and sweets for our movie night tonight

As you can see im busy all day because im off today i get to potter at it in my own pace which to me is relaxing as im used to running around all day everyday. Its an added bonus that i love cooking especially since i went to culinary school so i enjoy cooking up a storm on my day off.

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