Being the new girl

It’s always hard to be the new girl you feel awkward and out of place. Last night a new girl joined our beauty course and as we have all been together for 4 weeks now she was thrown in with a mix of girls who already knew each other it’s a horrible situation to be in. I felt so sorry for her sitting on her own.

I know what it feels like to be that girl so i always try to bring them into the group and make them feel comfortable.

She told me that she was shy and thanked me for waiting for her at break time. Its so easy to get caught up in whats around us that we leave people out and id hate for anyone to feel lonely or awkward because of my actions. We already had a girl drop out because she couldnt get the hang of the cleansing routine, i couldnt either but i could see it in her that she was frustrated with herself she left at breaktime and hasn’t come back which i feel bad for her especially when i was in the same boat as her.

Sometimes our actions and words can make a massive impact on someone in a positive way and by saying nothing it can lead to someone dropping out of college.

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  1. Jayden James says:

    Its always hard being new

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