Keeping up with the kardashians

Im totally addicted to watching keeping up with the khardashians, i know its trash tv but i love it, kim is my favourite. Without a doubt she is beautiful all of them are. Before she became famous she wasnt so beautiful which just goes to show the power of make up and stylists. Recently i have to admit im begining to admire Kim we all know she is a reality tv star and married to the famous rapper kayne west, she is also a mother to 4 beautiful children, she is without a doubt a powerful business woman too, who just realeased her own shaoe wear range kimino. Now thats impressive but what really impresses me is kims fight for those incarcerated, she is obviously following in her fathers footsteps. She is doing an internship with a law firm, studying for her bar exams, whilst being a mother, wife, reality tv star, and launching het shape wear this girl is unstoppable and she is proving she isnt just a pretty face, she is constantly being mocked in the media, slaughtered on the internet, harassed by paparazzi and she doesn’t let it stop her. She is ensuring she will have a life long career. So i have to admit im highly impressed by her and im rooting for her

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  1. gillian king says:

    I love her too

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