Erase the wrinkles

We all want to turn back the hands of time when it comes to our skin, personally I have tried hundreds of different creams all claiming to erase the signs of ageing needless to say they never work. I was considering getting botox after Christmas but I have fears about that going wrong.

So before I turn to botox I’m trying out this weird beauty treatment…I know it’s weird but I’m on day 2 and it’s working like a miracle im using cod liver oil. I know how crazy it sounds…I use a clean pin to put a hole in the capsule and use it all on my face concentrating mainly on my fore head, under eyes and my frown line. It’s really oily and even with massaging it takes a long time to soak into your skin so I put it on over night. I’m on day 2 and my deep lines on my head are less noticeable my whole face looks better and my wrinkles are definitely less noticeable. The only down side to it is the slight fish smell, now asif said he cant smell it off me but I can smell it. To top it off I also started taking evening primrose oil my teacher recommended we all take it for our skin Especially since my skin has been breaking out since starting college because of all the beauty products we are using. I’m using the lidl codliver oil and it was around 90c for 45 capsules definitely worth the money and regardless of the smell I’m going to continue using them

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  1. gillian king says:

    I need to try this

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    1. I’m still using it and so far I’m happy with the results


  2. Lucy nagle says:

    I’m afraid to try it in case I smell fishy lol

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    1. It’s not to smelly but you can get a whiff off it I’m using it at night time now


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