When your body says enough is enough

Since i was late for work the other day (first time ever) its been bothering me im always early for everything never late. How my 5 alarms didnt wake me up is beyond me. I know it shouldnt bother me as been late can happen to anyone. But it is bothering me especially since the day before i slept through my alarms too but i wasnt late for work because i naturally woke up thank god.

With all the thinking of been late it hit me i leave my house at 7am every morning and im not back until 7pm, when i have college twice a week im not back until 11pm. They are long days and then when im working the other job i might not get home until 2am.

Of course im tired of course its possible to sleep through the alarms. Then in my day off im doing the weeks laundry, grocery shopping, clean the whole house and study or do assignments. On my second day off i organise my clothes for the week, polish all the glasses, mirrors and windows, then i cook a tonne of food for the week ahead, i do my tan, face mask and deep condition my hair, and pack all my stuff for college, and the week ahead.

As for the cat azarhia she is spoilt every day she has hot milk for breakfast and dinner, then chicken soup, stews, tuna surprise along with cat food so i cook for her daily and thar takes time then i make our lunches for work everyday so its alot to do every day along with the stresses of running a business and trying to start a second one.

So sometimes our bodies say enough is enough. Asif does as much as he can cause he works 2 jobs he is just as exhausted he does his fair share of chores too he cleans out the fish tank and feeds them, he cleans the fridge, hoovers the whole house and he does all the ironing cause I’m useless at it.

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