Halloween night

Tonight is halloween night where we all get dressed up carve pumpkins, the kids go trick or treating and we go to the bonfires. Its a great night for everyone and we have fireworks till late into the night.

Legend says that people used to carve pumpkins and leave them outside their houses to scare of evil spirits, its meant to be the day of the dead, a day where we celebrate the dead, we dont really do that here.

Im a lover of Halloween i enjoy doing up the sweet bags for the children, i love going to the bonfires and watching the fireworks. Today started off bad i was late for work…ive been working in this job for nearly 4 years and ive never once been late, we were working in a store where the manager hates me so as you can imagine we got off to a bad start when i showed up late. I refuse to let someones attitude ruin my day so i went for a chinese for lunch the wokking in limerick city is the nicest chinese ive ever tasted, then i went on to my shop where we were so busy we sold a lot of dolls and kids toys. We got new stock in for christmas which i love playing with all the toys im like peter pan ill never grow up.

As for the house i looked at the other day it turned into a bidding war it went up by 50, 000 in less then 24 hours i heard it was a big developer that wanted it because he owns all the buildings beside it and he needs this house in order to knock them all. The good news is ive seen another house which has 5 bedrooms, a garage, out buildings and its in perfect condition. Obviously its big for just the 2 of us but we could always have friends stay over and i could finally have my nail tech room.

We have put an offer in for it and if its meant to be we will get it and our property portfolio will be better than it was.

On a side note my niece is getting so big, she is eating bits of solid food and she is the apple of my eye. It scary how fast time goes soon she will be crawling and then walking.

I have been off college all week but i havent done an ounce of studying or practice so ill be spending sunday catching up on it all. From next week I’ll have college 2 nights a week i know that will effect me tiredness wise but it will be so worth.

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    1. Thanks hope you had a good halloween

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  1. Lucy nagle says:

    Love the costumes


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