Running around

Ive been running around like a crazy one…thats how busy i am. The good news is college is going great. Turns out beauty school isnt as easy as it seems, their is so much theory involved and the techniques involved with the cleansing and toning isnt as easy to grasp as it looks.

Im trying to study 30 minutes a day, its not easy especially when i leave the house at 7am and return home at 7pm its a long day.

I went to my monthly spiritual gathering last week i joined it because im studying aromatherapyi wanted to join everyone their are reki healers, crystal healers, and a couple of witches. I enjoy it and its something different to do.

Im waiting for the level 4 aromatherapy to start so i can qualify as an aroma-therapist and with this skin care and make up course im doing it will make me one step closer to fulfiling another dream.

I went to view a house today i fell in love with it instantly its in really bad shape but it has great potential. We made an offer today so fingers crossed it goes through. It will need to be 100% renovated but its right in the city centre.

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