Take life as it comes

Ive worked a lot of hours this week and im paying for it now my chest infection got worse my mouth is full of blisters im struggling to eat. Im off work sick today.

I slept about 16 hours straight and im still tired. Im struggling to eat but im trying to eat a bit.

Work is going amazing and im loving college this week we got to practice cleanse, tone and moisturise i loved it and it was so relaxing lieing on the bed being the model. Im going to practice on Asif this weekend so i have the technique perfect. Im doing the best i can to stay on top with all my college course work so i dont fall behind.

Ive ordered pizza for our dinner and ill try eat some of it

The good news is ive ordered all my aromatherapy perfume bottles and boxes im so excited and ive got loads of new jewellery for my vintage store im totes excited.

Im back to work tomorrow have way too much to do but im looking forward to catching up on everything if you have any good names for perfumes leave it in the comments ive drawn a blank when it comes to names

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