Weekend off

Both Asif and I were off for the weekend and I was so looking forward to it,we both work so hard its just perfect to have the same days off.I have been sick with chest infection and fevers but I’m taking medicine for it so its helping alot.Yesterday we went for a drive and shopping which was perfect,then we drive to kilaloe it’s simple beautiful their surrounded by lakes and boats.We met dad and decided to treat him to a night out so we took him to flanagans on the lake it’s a pub on the lakeside the scenery is beautiful and it felt like we were in a different country asif doesn’t drink so he was the designated driver.We got home late and I fell into bed I can safely say it was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.

Today I got up early I had loads of laundry to do and I cleaned the whole house. For lunch we had chicken pasta and orange juice. We then went for a long walk. Today was a perfect autumn day the sun was shining.

When we got back we relaxed and I put a face mask on and deep conditioned my hair
For dinner we ordered a pizza and we enjoyed every slice.

I have a tonne of studying to do so I’m in bed now studying for an hour and hoping for an early night.

I’ve a busy week ahead so I want to start off on a well rested foot.

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