Im on fire

Im slowly beginning to feel a lot bettee which means im so much more productive today i was running the shop on my own and a lot of our deliveries came in i got through them all and i managed to sell a good bit today too so im happy out.

I closed for lunch today for 30 mins to grab myself a cheeky Chinese it was delicious and a 30 minute break from the shop did me the world of good.

I managed to get a bit of studying done this morning before work…the joys of dragging yourself out of bed extra early.

I have loads of new stock for my vintage store so i have to organise them all tonight after dinner

For dinner tonight asif wants cod, boiled rice and my spicy curry. Asif loves my curry and he knows that the recipe is a secret even he doesnt know how i make it, i will admit it is the nicest curry around its so nice you would want to lick the plate.

Since i share everything with you im going to share my secret to the perfect curry sauce…..ARE YOU READY….the secret is i buy it in the chinese takeaway and reheat it when i get home but do add a small bit of crushed chillis to give it that added kick. Its so funny cause everyone asks me to make my curry sauce for them.

I do this because its so hard having a career and going to college to find the time to make the perfect home made dinners and i think the odd short cut doesnt hurt anyone.

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