Im a big believer in Karma…what goes around comes around. I try to live my life by being good to people and being kind. Obviously im human so im not perfect i make mistakes but my intentions are always good. Im at a place in my life where i only surround my self with positive people.

An hour ago this guy comes into the shop he is looking around and i see him put something into his pocket im not 100% sure what it is but i know he has no intention of paying for it. According to Irish law i cant stop gim until he leaves the shop, we rarely have theft in our store so we are 1 of the lucky ones. Just as he is about to leave the shop i say to him. “I don’t know you and maybe you need that item more than any1 else or maybe you dont but if i was you i would put it back, cause you wont get any luck for it….its silent for a couple of nano seconds but it felt like hours when he reached into his pocket and hands me a tiny ornament of our lady the virgin Mary.

When i see what he has i place it in a bag and hand it back to him and say ” this is a gift for you and i hope it answers all if your prayers, have a good day and it was nice to meet you”

The man is speechless tears well in his eyes and panic sets in im not great with people crying .

He thanks me for my kindness and walks out the door muttering you will never know what that means to me.

Im sure i will never know what that meant to him and i hope i never have to experience it but what i do know is that its easy to become angered by someone else’s actions, and let your anger take control, thank God in this case i didnt because for what ever reason he decided to steal, he took something religious so maybe he was looking for hope or a miracle and i just hope he finds it

Remember it costs nothing to be nice, to smile at strangers or just say hello maybe even give some change to a homeless man cause you never know the difference that can make in someone’s life.

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