First day in my new chapter….new beginnings

Its finally arrived my first day at college to say im excited is an understatement. I jumped up.out of bed to get ready for the day ahead. Ive the cutest outfit ready for today. Before i leave this morning i have to cook dinner for Asif because hes working late i know he Will be tired when he gets home. I also made his sandwiches for work for the next couple of days cause i wont be home. Im working in clonmel tomorrow so i wont be home until wednesday evening.

For my first day mom got me a travel mug and asif got me a fab leather case for my refil pads and pens. Eek im so excited.

Before college i have to work but i dont mind ill be busy because i have so much to do with tidying up and getting new stock out and my besties are all in today curly next door and Joe two doors down its going to be a great day all round.

Ill let u all know how i get on today fingers crossed it is an amazing 1st day at college

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