Poultice old medicine

Asif has an infected finger it’s full of posion and so sore to touch I can’t find any cut or anything to explain the the injury. To heal it I made a poultice is something we use in Ireland and my grandmother used to swear by it.

A poultice is a moist concoction – usually heated – spread on an injury, ache or wound, and held in place with a cloth. It was sometimes known as a “plaster” when the poultice was smeared on a bandage before application.

The most popular seem to have been made of bread, linseed, or mustard mixed with water. The use of bran, flour and starch was also common, and medical preparations, or herbs such as comfrey and horseradish root, were often added to the mix

The moist heat from a poultice can help to draw out the infection and help the abscess shrink and drain naturally. An Epsom salt poultice is a common choice for treating abscesses in humans and animals. Epsom salt helps to dry out the pus and cause the boil to drain.

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