Living the dream while exhausted 😁

Im so tired i could cry…it was a big struggle dragging myself out of bed this morning when ur exhausted little things become so hard to do, it was a massive struggle trying to do my hair & make up but i managed it. My dad always says if you look good you feel good…im testing his saying today.

On a positive note in work im doing up christmas hampers and i cant wait i love doing hampers a few weeks ago i made a load of hampers for the shop and we sold them all. So today its santa ones ( only 3 months until christmas) .

Im meeting a friend for lunch to catch up and im looking forward to it, we are going to the chinese.

Tomorrow my friend us having a dinner for her 30th birthday i need to buy her a gift today im looking forward to the party, she is from thailand and her mom is making traditional thai food and Irish finger food im looking forward to eating it and celebrating with them all.

No matter how im feeling internally i know im so lucky and have an amazing life. Im staying back after work tonight to do the window display and i think Asif and i will grab a pizza for dinner.

I have loads of jewellery that i need to put up on my online store so I’ll be busy doing a photoshoot when i get home

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