Dad in a million

Today was so busy the day just flew in, I couldn’t believe how fast the day went. After work I went to mom and dad house. Since dad hasn’t been well I’ve been smothering him with extra love and visits I bought him treats to cheer him up a bit I bought him chocolate, big bag of peanuts and his favourite crisps.

We had toasted sandwiches for our dinner. Dad is looking so pale he has me worried his angiogram went great and his heart is good so we are just waiting for his blood results. I personally think he will be fine that he just got a bad virus but I still worry because I love him so much and hate to see him unwell.

Dad is the most amazing person I have ever met,he is simply the best father in the world and my best friend. I’m so lucky to have this amazing man in my life.

Since I was a child I aspired to be like him, I admire his work ethic, his business sense,his morals,his kindness and he is so charismatic.

Dad is one of those people who makes friends wherever he goes,he is loved by everyone.

If you have an amazing dad or mom then don’t forget to tell them you love them cause you never know if you will have that chance tomorrow

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