The price of living your dream

Im so exhausted mentally abd physically i know i have been over doing it the last 6 weeks been working 3 jobs, trying to set up my new store, handing final assignments in and finishing my online courses while also running the house and all that goes with that.

Im feeling nausious, so drained my body is actually shaking, im cold to the bones and my heart is beating funny.

I went to the doctor he diagnosed me with chronic fatigue ( joys of chasing your dream) i grabbed myself a chinese take away and im going home to bed I’ll watch reruns of judge judy and relax ive to up at 6am for work ( no rest for the wicked) .

Thats the fun of being self employed no sick days, no holidays, working 50 hours a week thats the price i pay for living my dream and i think its so worth it.

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