Juggling life

As humans we want it all; a career, family, friends, hobbies, clean house, pets, we want to look good all the time, in reality its hard to juggle it all.

Having a career is hard enough, when you throw a family into the mix things get harder.

I feel guilty when im not at home, when asif has to cook his own dinners, or do the grocery shopping.

I feel like a failure if i dont have the house clean and the laundry basket empty.

Because i want it all i spend a lot of time running here, there and everywhere.

There are times i forget to feed the cat, i forget to pack asif lunch, no matter how organised i try to be i seem to always forget something.

Its so hard to find a happy medium, to make everyone happy, to remember everything.

Sacrifices have to be made to fulfil a dream, my main sacrifice is free time. I never have free time i spend my time playing catch up, catching up on housework, catching up with family and friends but for me its worth it i get to live my dream everyday, i get to have homecooked meals with my gorgeous husband my main prorities are my husband, family and business because those three lead to my happiness in life

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