Reap what you sow

Im a massive believer in you reap what you sow….i work so hard and have been double jobbing it for a long time. Im at the stage where im exhausted im so tired im finding it hard to sleep.

I know im over doing it but im so close to reaching my dreams as you all know since i was a little girl i always wanted to have my own shop and since i opened the curiosity shop ive never been happier but ive always loved fashion and everything to do with it, vintage is my favourite im a vintage girl through and through.

So thats why im going to open up a vintage jewelery store i will be selling high quality vintage pieces at extremely affordable prices.

Im in the process of building my website and online store along with starting up social media platforms im so excited for the launch and cant wait to share a link with you all.

My dad always said sacrifices have to be made to fulfil a dream and i think he was right.


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