Eid Mubarak


Eid was two days ago below is a pic of Asif in his clothing. We didnt do much to celebrate because i had a gastric bug was feeling so horrible. Asif friend called the two boys got pizzas and watched movies.

I couldn’t take time off work,because we have been so busy, i litterally spent most of the day running to the toilet. Our car still hasnt been fixed yet the garage is waiting for parts, as his arm is broken we sent the rental car back no point having it if he cant drive it.

We are planning a big celebration for when he gets his car back and his arm is better, were going to my favourite chinese for lunch, then go away for the night i cant wait.

Im taking tomorrow off work cause im still feeling weak, so ive done my tan tonight so im tanned for the weekend 😎 i bought new hair extensions and cant wait to wear them tomorrow,i found out what my group project is for trinity its the weakness in primary health care,so ill do a bit of research tomorro.

Speaking of health care we have a childs wheel chair in our shop,and we are on the hunt for a child in need,its been brought to our attention that so many children are in waiting lists in ireland for wheel chairs its so sad

Im in bed now, my yankee candle lit, electric fire on watching a movie.

Hope you all have a great evening


Victoria xxx

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