Feeling accomplished

I spent most of the week looking like a homeless person, mismatched clothes, patchy tan and chipped nails.

Because my days off last week were spent with Asif, hours in A and E, doctors appointments attending the fracture clinic etc. So i didnt have time on my days off to organise like i usually do.

I was exhausted everyday i never got to catch up on my sleep let alone college work

When i got home last night i tidied the house, hoovering,dusting,washing floors, all the laundry is done.

I got up at 8am this morning, manicured my nails, deep conditioned my hair.

I got caught up on my course work, ive done the traits of an entrepreneur, made notes and took the quizs.

As for my massage therapy ive caught up on the contraindications of massage,made my notes. I just put a face mask on and am relaxing watching t.v.

Then im going yo learn about the muscles of the body im not looking forward to that i flicked through it and it looks hard.

This evening im going to organise my clothes for the week and do my tan before bed.

Im feeling accomplished today ive so much done and i feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders

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