Self care

Im studying like ive never studied before ,i swear ive never been so tired in all my life. My legs are sore, i could fall asleep standing up that is until i get into bed then i cant sleep at all lol.

What i really need is an early night but right now its not possible. I know self care is so important but sometimes its not easy to do.

So heres how i manage it. When i got home from work at 6pm Asif and i went for a walk for 90 minutes we got back at 7.30pm, i put a face mask on and listened to my online class, then done my assignment on failure. I jumped into the shower, but my PJs on and cooked dinner, as dinner was cooking i got my clothes ready for today.

Asif and i had a lovely meal together, and the kitchen was all tidied by 10pm.

I went to bed after organising all my stuff for today. And hopped into bed watching porridge i love it.

Ill be back up at 6am for another day,hope the shop is busy today.

Hope you all have a great day xx

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