Bad luck….good luck 🤞

They sad bad luck comes in 3, if its true then we have had our fair share of it the last couple of weeks. First asif had a blow out on his tyre, then he sprained his hand playing cricket, then i fell and burst my knee open, then last night asif was in a car crash

All that in four weeks! Bad luck? Maybe but im not a big believer in bad luck.

1st when he had the blow out it happened in a car park, it could of been on a motor way going high speed and he or someone else could of got hurt.

2nd when he injured himself his hand is still swollen today its badly sprained but he is lucky he didnt break every bone in his hand.

3rd when i fell i dont know how i only damaged my knee, i could of smashed all my teeth, i fell onto a path imagine if i fell onto the road i could of been killed talk about luck.

4th Asif was in a car crash no one was injured, the only damage was to the cars, now thats pure luck, the accident happened because someone ran out in front of the car asif hit, i thank god he hit the car, if no car was in front of him he could of hit that guy instead and things could of been a lot worse.

Sometimes in life it seems like we have bad luck, but a lot of the time it might be good luck cause things could be a lot worse than they seem.

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