When the shit hits the fan

The exhaustion has finally hit the fan, im so tired assignments are due, exams are coming up.

Ive case studies to do,reflection diaries, group projects,individual projects too.

Then running a business is hard enough without throwing 3 college courses in with it.

You can also never forget that life is important too, exams and businesses are not the only important thing in life, i love doing them, they make me happy but the most important thing in my life is family and friends. So yesterday i spent some time after work with my friend we sat out side in the sun laughing and joking, just enjoying our time together.

Asif went to training against his better judgement but he loves it so much,he couldn’t stay away.

When he got home i made a plate of snacks we sat in front of the T.V eating and chatting.

Then i went to my room i done my reflective diary and some of my part of our group project.

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