Tips to make your life easier…give you time to enjoy ur life

Doing everything is so hard, especially with working hours these days. It can be so hard trying to keep the house clean, eat properly,stay organised and still have down time, now im not perfect, sometimes im a walking disaster.

So here are a few of my daily cheats that help my life be easier.

Always Always wash the dishes after dinner i know after a long day you are tired, leaving the dishes in the sick seems like a great idea until tomorrow comes around. Multi surface wipes will make your life easier, grab the wipes saves time and they really work. No need for loads of cleaning products and cloths

I use the wipes in my kitchen, bathroom, sitting room and bedrooms they are my go to cleaning item. I always bleach the sinks and toilet before bed.

Another must do thing is make your bed every morning. By doing these few things it keeps the house looking and smelling clean and it makes coming home from work so much nicer.

As for grocery shopping pick a day during the week that suits you (not your day off) i do mine on a Saturday night a list of important things help, for me i make sure i get food to cover our work lunches, noodles, sandwich fillings, snacks, then i buy fruit, eggs and croissants for breakfast. As for dinners i buy different things every week, salads and catfood. I always make our work lunches the night before it gives me extra time in the morning

By having enough food at home, you know you are sorted for the week and not coming home to an empty fridge.

So if you take my tips you will have a clean house and plenty of food.

I love to cook but i dont always have the time to prepare a beautiful meal thats where the slow cooker comes in handy, i make a lot of curries since my husband is Asian. I cook the curries over night, as i sleep dinner cooks or you can also cook it while your at work.

Im off on a Sunday, so the night before your day off is when you wash your clothes, throw them in the washing machine let it do its magic.

On your day off Sunday for me i get 6 outfits ready for the week all ironed and styled with jewellery, do your nails and tan.

This is when i hoover the whole house, dust and wash all the floors.

Imagine this waking up to a clean house, dinner cooked, clothes ready to wear, tan done, nails painted every single morning

Imagine this coming home from work house clean, dinner cooked all you have to do is dish out the dinner, enjoy it, wash the dishes, wipe the surfaces down and make lunch for tomorro thats like an hour max and you have everything done.

I do all of those things and it gives me a lot of free time in the evenings to catch up on my studies or go for a walj with Asif he thinks im super wife when in reality im just organised

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