Whirlwind of a week

Its been a crazy few days first i had my pitch for eco straws the nerves were horrible i actually felt physically sick my dad and brother came to see it which added to the nerves. Ten minutes before the pitch i ran to the shop and fell (omg the humiliation) u know when you fall u jump back up hoping no one seen it. Well everyone seen me i was face to the ground i busted my knee open (oh the pain) so i ran 2 dunnes stores had to get new tights, wipes to try clean the blood pf my knees (impossible) then limp back to do my pitch.

Well it went amazing i really done myself proud,i felt a rush of adrenaline afterwards . Below is a pic of my team and brian the CEO of Eco straws.

Then we stayed around chatting to everyone that came. We all went for a drink to celebrate afterwards and it went down a treat.

After drinks we went to the escape rooms, i was never their before but it was great fun. We went to the Harry Potter room it was amazing.id highly recommend it and we managed to escape

The next day i went for lunch with my brother joseph to celebrate it was delicious and we went to my favourite place the wokking. I got peppercorn chicken 😋

My family and friends are so proud of me and everything ive done. Ive been celebrating all week but its been well deserved i think.

Asif bought me beautiful gift set an aromatherapy necklace and bracelet i love them tinkerbell is on them and they have glitter pads inside them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the jewelery

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    1. Thanks so much i love them too i really wanted them


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